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Cosmoflare Implements Effective Maintenance Plan for Websites

The majority of online entrepreneurs rely on service providers for efficient and regular maintenance of their websites. As a reliable web development company in Florida, Cosmoflare believes the essence of functional maintenance plans must be the actual care of the site and its server. It should not be limited to implementing fixes when issues arise. Rather, there are routine tasks particularly updates and security to avoid and promptly prevent website problems.

Practical Maintenance Program
This digital marketing agency Tampa made sure to formulate a website maintenance plan that ensures all bases are covered. Cosmoflare offers clients a long list of perks and features.

  • Free website migration.
  • Top-notch WordPress security and malware protection with free malware cleanup off the bat.
  • Add a Security Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate to the website.
  • Provide blazing fast load times.
  • Provide backups for websites every night.
  • Customize servers for WordPress Content Management System (CMS)
  • Ensure technical and admin support through email system or live chat.

In other words, Cosmoflare takes care of hosting clients’ websites for free while you focus on managing the essentials of your business. Moreover, this digital marketing agency Tampa provides a free domain name for the first year.

Migrate Websites for Free
In Search Engine Optimization, website migration means the site goes through significant changes in areas that can considerably affect visibility in search engines. These include the usual changes to the website’s platform, structure, content, design, and location as well as User experience (UX).

Secure WordPress and Protect against Malware
WordPress remains a top choice as Content Management System (CMS). Therefore, Cosmoflare assures superior, round-the-clock security for WordPress. This is crucial to website owners as search engine Google excludes or bans over 10,000 websites daily for malicious software and approximately 50,000 more sites weekly for phishing.

As a specialist in digital marketing Orlando Florida, Cosmoflare reminds WordPress users about the importance of security. Hacked websites can adversely affect business income and integrity. On the other hand, malware like worms, spyware, and Trojans can seriously affect computers and confidential company information.

Security Sockets Layer Certificates
Cosmoflare safeguards customers’ websites by adding SSL certificates to their websites. An SSL preserves sensitive information transmitted across the worldwide web son only intended recipients have access to it. These small data files digitally connect the cryptographic key to the company’s information. Once installed on the server, it sets in motion the padlock and Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) allowing secure connections from servers to browsers.

Loading Time
Fast-loading websites translate to pleasant UX. Good user experience results in higher conversions. Slow-loading sites affect optimization, revenues, and conversion rates. With Cosmoflare, business website owners can look forward to fast loading that impacts online performance.

Website Backup
Backing up your website averts loss of valuable data due to different reasons such as human error. It also deals with problems while performing updates that are needed to ensure websites function efficiently. Automatic website backups are ideal as restore points after updates of primary components. Cosmoflare’s technical staff perform these backups on a nightly basis.

Customization for WordPress
Cosmoflare recognizes that WordPress is an easily manageable platform. This CMS has numerous features which are not difficult to customize. The company’s technical experts will deal with customization concerns of clients.

Support is Key
Last but not least one of the top advertising agencies in Tampa guarantees 24/7 support by way of email and live chat. Website owners need not worry about technical concerns as Cosmoflare will stay on top of support all day long.

Final Word
To reiterate, part of Cosmoflare’s maintenance strategy is to take charge of everything while clients concentrate on nurturing their enterprise and handle the bigger picture which includes client development and income generation.

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